There will be a range of modules within the programme, each will help to develop the knowledge for a more exciting, challenging and more financially rewarding career.

I'm still in the process of completing the finishing touch's to the programme and if I'm completely honest I'm not sure of the optimum format for delivery of the training, I believe in small chunks of info on a regular basis so a membership may be the most appropriate with a small monthly fee that provides access to all the materials (existing and ongoing), support and the benefit of a community page.

When time allows and the bulk of the programme is up and running, my intention would be to offer one to one training along with group sessions, this would provide the quickest and most comprehensive solution, regardless no one will be left to fend for themselves, all questions will be answered.

I only teach you what I’ve actually done and mastered. So in each course, I’ll share with you my experience-backed step-by-steps, exactly what I did (and currently do), mistakes to avoid